THE POLICIA Nacional of Estepona have arrested a 34-year-old British man at a police checkpoint after the driver made a dramatic u-turn and attempted to run from the law.

The road block was set up on a stretch of the N340 near Estepona, Marbella as part of the customary coronavirus quarantine checks happening across the country.

Officers conducting the checks noticed a Transit style van making a hasty u-turn in the queue of traffic and immediately scrambled a car to intercept the driver.

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£200,000 was discovered hidden in the van under motorcycle equipment

The van entered a dead end street where the officers were able to stop the van and discovered a British man along with a male passenger.

After a minor altercation the men were arrested for resisting arrest and the van was searched, where officers discovered three motocross bikes along with tools, tires and equipment.

Underneath the load was also a sports bag which contained £200,000, all of which was confiscated by the police due to the lack of documentation proving the legitimacy of the cash.

An investigation is currently underway and the two men are being made available to the Estepona Courts for questioning.


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