RENFE have announced the introduction of personalised tickets from Monday April 20.

It will now be mandatory for passengers to insert their personal and contact details when purchasing a train ticket.

This will also apply to all of Renfe’s associate services, such as Ave, Alvia or Euromed.

This will be implemented immediately on online sales on the Renfe website, through the app, telephone sales and the station ticket offices, whereas travel agencies will be later on.

According to a Renfe spokesperson this was done in order to be able to contact travellers in case of a health concern or any delays in services.

“Renfe will be able to contact all those who use the train as a means of transport, as quickly as possible, for security reasons during an emergency, changes in service, or for health reasons, so that the appropriate protocols can be activated.”

Passengers will also be informed whether they have been in contact with any COVID-19 infected persons as part of Renfe’s new personalised tickets.

The train company also assures that the processing of personal data will comply with all the obligations imposed by current regulations on data protection.

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