A 16-YEAR-OLD hacker has been arrested for hacking medical data and then leaking information about a politician who was positive with coronavirus.

Agents from the Technological Investigation Unit of the Policia Nacional arrested the teenager in Madrid.

He had managed to hack into the servers of the Madrid health service and obtain patients’ medical records, including one of a prominent politician.

The hacker then subsequently proceeded to release the information on his Twitter and Instagram pages in order to gloat.

This was not his first cyber attack however, as from the end of 2019 he had managed to hack a video streaming platform, a burger chain and a bicycle rental service.

He would leave a signature with his nickname on the cyber attacks he committed, which led the police to link all these crimes.

According to police sources who spoke to El Pais, at the time of his arrest he was allegedly carrying out an attack on the database of a well-known courier company.

At the same time the officers also discovered evidence of other cyber attacks he had previously committed, both within Spain but also internationally as well.

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