A WOMAN aged 74 and three workmen were injured when scaffolding crashed to the ground in a Malaga street.

High winds reportedly blew the heavy framework over, with poles falling in Calle Senador Francisco Roman yesterday morning (April 20).

Scaffolding 2
HURT: Woman and 3 workmen were taken to hospital. Credit: SAB Bomberos de Malaga

Debris hit the woman leaving her with fractures to her hip and a leg.

The injured workmen were in the process of dismantlibng the scaffolding when it toppled to the ground, caught by a gust of wind.

Scaffolding 3
SHOCK: Passerby suffered broken hip and leg. Credit: SAB Bomberos de Malaga.

Two of the workers suffered minor injuries and another, aged 35, suffered a suspected broken leg.

An emergency medical team attended the woman at the scene before she was taken to the Hospital Regional.

The worker with the suspected broken leg and his two colleagues were taken to the Hospital Clinical.

ACCIDENT SCENE: Scaffolding strewn across the road. Credit: SAB Bomberos de Malaga.

The causes of the accident at the El Carmen Residencial property development are being investigated.

Contractors had been dismantling the scaffolding since last Wednesday and had the last two of eight floors to go when the accident happened.

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