FIREFIGHTERS in Cordoba have discovered the bodies of a man and his dog.

They made the grim find on Monday at a home in the old town part of the city on Calle Poeta Ricardo Molina.

Emergency services were called to the residence by concerned neighbours who had not heard the gentleman for a number of days.

Fire crews and officers of the Policia Nacional arrived and had to break into the property.

PRECAUTIONS: Firefighters suit up before entering the property in Cordoba on Monday (©cordobafire)

They discovered the body of the 60-year-old man along with his beloved dog, who had died after a number of days without food.

According to the police report, it is likely the man died around five to six days ago and all indications point to death by natural causes.

It has not been ruled out that the man contracted COVID-19 but police insist that it is unlikely.

As a matter of standard protocol, the officers on the scene and the firefighters who entered the property were equipped with full protective equipment in case of a coronavirus-related death.

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