A BRITISH expat on the Costa del Sol has been wearing a dog cone to raise money for a dog rescue charity.

Russ Godwin, based in Estepona has been wearing a dog cone non-stop since Monday morning in order to raise money for HEART, a dog rescue, rehab and rehoming project.

For every €150 donated, the Brit will add 24 hours to the current total.

So far he’s raised €733 and will have to wear the cone until Friday night.

Even though the deadline to add extra 24 hours onto his ‘cone of shame’ has expired, the 42-year-old told the Olive Press that he would extend his ‘ordeal’ if an influx of donations came in.

FEEDING TIME: The easiest of things can become difficult with a dog cone

Godwin, originally from Milton Keynes, along with his girlfriend Hollie Thompson have been running HEART for two years.

Currently they’re looking after 36 dogs, with the most they’ve ever had at any one time being 40.

The couple both have other jobs, with Godwin being a boxing coach and Thompson working as an administrator.

“It’s difficult trying to juggle work and the dogs, we don’t really have any down time, but it’s worth it.”

This started a few years ago when the pair had seven dogs, then agreed to take in five more.

DOGS & CHILL: Life is better with our canine friends around

“We just kept agreeing to take in more and more dogs in order to save them from the pound.

“But 40 is our absolute limit, because we want them to have enough space and not be cooped up.

“We’re lucky because we have quite a big piece of land so our rescues have enough space to roam around and enjoy life.”

When asked how his partner felt with the whole idea, he said: “She wasn’t surprised in the slightest, she knew I would come up with something like this to raise money.”

Donations can be made via PayPal or Revolut heartestepona@hotmail.com, quoting ‘Russ in a collar’.

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