SPAIN has finally seen its daily death toll from coronavirus drop below 400 with 367 deaths registered on Friday morning. 

It’s a drop from the 440 recorded yesterday and brings the total death toll to 22,524.

It comes after the country repeatedly saw slight increases in the death toll over the past few days, remaining well above 400.

The drop is welcome news on what is now the country’s 40th day of a nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile, the number of new cases in the past 24 hours has also plummeted to 2,796, down from yesterday’s 4,653.

The number of recovered coronavirus patients grew by 3,105 between Thursday and Friday, taking over the number of new infections for the first time, reported Diario Sur.

The increase in confirmed cases does not include people who have tested positive for antibodies, meaning they had coronavirus but showed no symptoms.

If they are included, the rise in caseload is 6,740 as of today.

Regardless, the ministry of health said the data on transmission of COVID-19 are exceptionally good because there is a very clear slowdown in the number of new cases, despite the fact that testing has almost quadrupled from 200,000 per week at the beginning of the month to more than 700,000 now.


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