PRIVATE hospital group, Ribera Salud, has started carrying out 7,000 diagnostic tests on health professionals and other staff across its sites.

The intention is to guarantee the safety of the workforce and of patients from the spread of Coronavirus.

TESTING PROGRAMME: Described by Ribera Salud as “massive”

Tests started yesterday, Thursday April 23, at the University Hospital of Torrevieja with 160 tests per hour across five testing stations.

Tests will start soon at the University Hospital of Vinalopó, the Hospital de Povisa in Vigo and the Hospital de Santa Justa, in the province of Badajoz.

The healthcare group took charge of its own testing operations, with most of the necessary equipment already to hand. 

And organising new protocols and systems has meant their hospitals now register the lowest rates of infection by staff.

In their press release, Ribera Salud tells us, “The objective is to facilitate the creation of the safest and most favourable scenario possible for both patients and professionals, in the context of the gradual and orderly resumption of healthcare activity in all the group’s healthcare centres.”

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