ORIHUELA City Council has issued a stern communication to citizens that it’s Costa Blanca beaches remain CLOSED.

This comes on the back of speculation and misinformation being spread on social media and in other news outlets that many of Spain’s beaches would be open to parents and children from today.

Playas De Orihuela Cerradas
CLEAR SIGNS: Beaches are closed

A press release reassures the public that today’s changes in lockdown limitations have been analysed by the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Emergencies, the Department of Beaches and Policia Local.

They all had doubts in their interpretation of the changes, in regard to access to beaches, as they are not mentioned specifically in the update.

However, given the risk to public health and controlling access to the beaches in general, the decision was made to maintain restrictions as they are.

Signs have been posted at various places along the Orihiuela Costa, clearly saying, ‘Playa Cerrada, Mejor en casa’, which translates to ‘Beach closed, stay home’.

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