SPAIN has registered 1,729 new coronavirus infections this morning,  down from yesterday’s 2,944.

It means in just 24 hours, the number of new recorded cases has fallen by almost 42%, the biggest daily drop since the crisis began.

It is another sure sign that Spain has COVID-19 under control and comes just days before people are set to be allowed out for individual exercise and walks.

Meanwhile the number of daily deaths is also improving, with 288 registered on Sunday, the lowest number since March 20.

It came after almost a week of plateauing around the 450 mark before finally dropping below 400 and now below 300.

In the past 24 hours, the daily death toll has dropped by 90.

Director of health emergencies Fernando Simon praised the figures at his daily press conference this morning.

“The magnitude of the decline today is important,” he said, before calling for caution as there may be a possible delay in reporting all cases during the weekend.

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