HEAVY rains in Cordoba this Saturday have caused flooding in parts of the City, including the Reina Sofia Hospital.

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The rapid action of the maintenance team, cleaning personnel and firemen, have allowed the hospital to minimise the damage.

The most affected areas of the hospital were the Nuclear Medicine and Rehabilitation units.

All activity in these areas were halted until the water was removed and the electromedical equipments dried out.

San Alberto Magno Street near the Outpatient Building was closed off for over three hours.

Heavy rains, thunder and lightning lash down across the province of Cordoba. Credit: James Warren

Outside, the intense rainfall took the occupants of a vehicle by surprise, trapping them inside their car in the hospital’s parking lot.

Firefighters were called out to rescue the group, the 112 Andalucian emergency services reported.

The heavy rains were followed by a spectacular electrical storm. Credit: James Warren

The heavy rains were followed by a spectacular electrical storm seen over much of the province.

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