SPANISH celebrity journalist Alfonso Merlos has caused a twitter storm after a near naked woman photobombed a live broadcast from his home.

Merlos is a journalist, model and celebrity who was speaking as a guest on journalist Javier Negres ‘State of Alarm’ YouTube channel.

Naked Woman

Oblivious to what was going on behind him, he was in the middle of a serious discussion when a topless beauty wandered past in the background.

Now his jilted ex – former Big Brother contestant Marta Lopez – has dubbed the incident “shameful”. 

The woman caught on camera is Alexia Rivas, a reporter with Spanish TV show ‘Socialite.’

BEATY: Alexia Rivas was caught on camera.

Social social media users have dubbed the scandal ‘Merlos Place’ after American soap Melrose Place.

JILTED: Marta Lopez finds the incident “shameful”

Merlos’ modelling shots on Instagram were swamped with insults, while Twitter and YouTube overflowed with memes. Merlos – whose ongoing split with Lopez has been well documented by the tabloids – has apologised to her publicly.

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