FAR-RIGHT political party VOX has pushed the Spanish government to lift the ban of hunting activities during the state of alarm.

Since March 14, hunting was not declared an ‘essential activity’, therefore anyone caught participating in the traditional rural activity could be fined or imprisoned.

In an apparent effort to win over the large voting pool that forms the country’s hunting alliances, Vox proposed a bill to lift the restrictions, enabling hunters to continue to carry out ‘population control’ and ‘important rural management’ tasks.

However the wording of the draft bill angered certain factions of the hunting community, causing Vox to backtrack and rewrite it.

In the document, Vox asked that any hunters belonging to official organisations such as the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation (RFEC) be included in the lifting.

This angered the National Union of Hunting whose members of the rural farming communities who participate in hunting as a social sport and for population control of damaging species such as rabbits and boar.

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