ANYONE arriving into Spain from abroad will have to self-isolate for 14 days from May 15. 

That’s the new measure announced in the official state bulletin (BOE) this morning.

The measure applies to any traveller coming from a country outside of Spain and will stay in effect until the end of the state of alarm i.e. at least May 25.

Those who arrive will be required to quarantine at home, with their movements limited to buying food, going to the pharmacy or hospital.

These movements must be performed while wearing masks while strict hygiene measures must be taken to prevent possible transmission of COVID-19.

The only exception to the rule are cross-border workers who are moving in and out of the country regularly, such as cabin crew or healthcare workers (provided they have not been in contact with coronavirus patients).

International travellers will still only be allowed to travel for justified reasons, as outlined in the official state bulletin.

It will not allow, as of yet, for non-residents to come and visit family members or take a holiday.

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