THREE police raids alone since November 2019 have disbanded a Polish drug network operating out of Granada.

Swat teams from the Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil have been putting pressure on the drug cartels operating out of Granada since they knew of their whereabouts mid 2019. 

Operation ‘Cerros’ and operation ‘Mocy’ have so far arrested over one hundred people involved in the trafficking of marijuana, including three Polish mob bosses, thought to be at the head of the Spanish operations.

According to police estimates and statements given by the courts in Granada, the Polish gangsters spent in excess of one million per month acquiring marijuana to then ferry to Poland in transport lorries to distribute across the country.

In operation ‘Mocy’ over one tonne of marijuana was discovered hidden in various articulated trucks heading to Poland.

Another raid at a warehouse in Padul, Granada during operation ‘Cerros’ led officers to seize numerous vehicles, weapons and further bundles of the drug.

Court summaries of operation ‘Mocy’ praised the officers involved in capturing the ‘extremely dangerous’ Polish masterminds.

During one of the raids, Klashnikov rifles were seized and according to testimonies released by the investigating court in Valencia, one boss told a supplier, “if you get stopped by Traffico, ‘boom, boom’”  

Of the three Polish bosses detained in the operations, all were based out of Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol, operating remotely and keeping a low profile to evade authorities.

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