A COUPLE has been arrested in Malaga for trying to break into a man’s house after they asked him for a carton of milk.

The police were called to an incident on Calle Eume, where a homeowner was struggling with a couple who were trying to rob his apartment.

The plan was that the woman – who knew the victim – would knock on his door and ask for a carton of milk. 

When he went inside to grab it, her partner would then break in and immobilise him in order to rob the house.

What the pair did not expect, was that the homeowner was prepared to fight back.

Although the robber intimidated him with a knife, he fought back and the thief ended up fleeing the scene.

During the tussle, the woman also joined in and even threw plates at the man’s legs, injuring him in the process.

The police managed to locate the couple nearby shortly afterwards, but failed to retrieve the knife they had used in the attack, but did find them in possession of another kitchen knife.

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