POLICIA Local in Malaga have filed a denuncia against three bars that allowed their customers to share shisha pipes.

Malaga police yesterday undertook 261 inspections on bars and restaurants throughout the province, bringing the total to 3,385 so far.

As a result of the inspections yesterday, five establishments were sanctioned, taking the total to 38.

Three of those were denounced for allowing their customers to share shisha pipes, with the evident health risks that entails regarding coronavirus.

Four teenagers were also fined for being caught sharing bottles of beer on the beach, once again putting each other at risk of sharing the virus.

In addition, a 37-year-old man was fined by the police for sunbathing naked, but was not arrested because minors were not present in the area.

In total, 74 people were denounced for not complying with the health measures, bringing the total to 8,770, since the state of emergency was declared.

28 of those people were sanctioned for not maintaining the minimum social distance of two metres, while another 23 for not wearing a face mask.

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