A GANG of squatters stole so much loot in a series of burglaries they had to occupy a second home to use as a warehouse.

Guardia Civil noticed that a small area of Ibi on the Costa Blanca had seen a rise in burglaries. They all happened near a supposedly empty house, which they found to be occupied by squatters.

Police carried out a search of the house and found evidence that it had not only been illegally taken over, but was being used as a base to plan burglaries.

Squatters 1
ACTION: Police took no chances as they moved in on the squatters.

Investigators then searched a next door property and found a stash of loot. This included 158 kilos of copper, 220 kilos of other metals and a large number of stolen tools.

Two men and a woman – who have a history of violent crimes including a stabbing – were arrested.

The operation remains open as police investigate other robberies.

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