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EXPLAINED: The laws you need to know about squatters in Spain and how to evict ‘okupas’

CONTRARY to popular belief there are no laws in Spain that grant squatters the right to illegally occupy a house. But that doesn't mean Spain...

Social services in Barcelona had visited migrant family 88 times before fatal blaze

TWO children from a family of refugees were killed early Tuesday in a fire that destroyed an abandoned bank squatted by migrants in the...

Costa Blanca squatters ‘sold’ properties for virtually nothing or used them as drug farms in Torrevieja area of Spain

A Torrevieja gang occupied empty properties which they sold off for a miniscule amount of money or used them to grow and sell drugs. 11...

Squatters evicted under new four-week ‘quickie’ process in Costa Blanca town in Spain

VILLAJOYOSA council has successfully triggered a new fast-track eviction process to clear an apartment block of squatters. The block in the northern Costa Blanca town...

SQUATTER SHOT: Man gunned down in illegally occupied building in Spain’s Valencia

A 43-YEAR-OLD man was shot dead in a squat in Manises (Valencia) last night (Monday May 31). Identified only as Eduardo, the victim sustained one...

Alicante ‘mafia gang’ squatted in homes and then rented them out on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE have broken up an Alicante home-squatting gang that illegally rented out properties to vulnerable people who were forced into high monthly payments. A portfolio...

Property owner returns home to find three squatters on his sofa in Spain’s Costa Blanca

A HOMEOWNER in Callosa de Segura returned to his property on Tuesday, December 8, to find squatters relaxing on his sofa. He had been contacted...

Neighbours, police and council collaborate in immediate squatter eviction in Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE COMBINED forces of people, police and the council came together to rid Almoradi’s Saladar neighbourhood of unwanted squatters. Complaints from neighbours led to the...

Demand increases to simplify squatter evictions as banks are blamed for part of the problem

SPANISH banks that own empty properties are part of the problem with illegal squatting in communities, claims a report. Their poor communication and lack of...

Squatters hurl rocks at holiday homeowner and TV crew after being filmed breaking into house in Spain’s Seville

A SPANISH TV crew and a holiday-home owner had their lives put in danger by squatters hurling rocks at them in Espartinas, Seville. The Antena...

Squatters on Spain’s Costa Blanca took over TWO houses – one to live in, the other to store stolen...

A GANG of squatters stole so much loot in a series of burglaries they had to occupy a second home to use as a...

If you thought you knew diddly-squat about the rights of squatters vs homeowners in Spain, agent Adam Neale will...

Squatters, or okupas as they're known in Spanish, are becoming increasingly common across Spain

Boris Becker’s old villa in Spain’s Mallorca is now a porno set

A PORNO has allegedly been shot at Boris Becker's former Mallorcan villa, which had been taken over by squatters.

Professional squatters have found new means of bypassing new laws, and everyone is passing the buck, writes Jacque Talbot

Despite the seemingly random trail of destruction they leave behind, squatting has now become a sophisticated operation reenforced by ringleaders with up-to-date knowledge of the legal system.

Squatter eviction firm boasts of ‘93% success rate’ in Spain

A COMPANY specialising in seizing homes back from squatters has handed three Mallorcan homes back to their owners in just six months. The company Desokupa...

How effective is the legislation against squatters in Spain?

The activities of a squatter are not protected by the law

Spanish squatters to descend on world’s largest private equity firm

Squatters are set to camp out at properties owned by Blackstone equity group in legal protest

80 homeless families squatting in Sanlucar de Barrameda

Abandoned holiday homes are prime targets for squatters

Poverty-stricken families make new homes of Spain’s abandoned holiday flats

An estimated 700,000 properties are lying dormant across the country




Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez fires off ‘massive sanctions’ warning to Russia over Ukraine invasion

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has warned Russia about 'massive sanctions' if it attacks the Ukraine. Russia has built up an estimated 100,000 troops close...


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