THE three squatters who allegedly brutally assaulted a British man near Marbella have been arrested today (Wednesday June 7). 

Guardia Civil have conducted a search at the occupied property in Manilva (Malaga) and have detained the three alleged assailants. 

They are reportedly being investigated for stealing electricity supply, drug trafficking and for hiding the furniture belonging to the Brit inside the adjoining flat, also occupied. 

The family man, from Liverpool, was attacked after flying over to sort out the problem at his property, in Manilva.

The 52-year-old had jumped into action having received a call by a neighbour in the urbanisation informing him there were people inside the property. 

He immediately flew to Malaga airport and went straight to Manilva to recover his apartment, in the hills overlooking the Med.

When he arrived at the residential area, a complex of around 700 apartments, he was told by residents to call the police, according to El Confidencial

However, he refused to call the authorities, preferring to go to the property by himself. 

When he tried to open the flat’s door, though, he discovered the lock had been changed.
He then rang the doorbell on several occasions, but got no answer. 

The Englishman then spotted an open window and accessed the property through it. 

Once inside, he walked to the living room as he heard voices coming from there. 

The Brit saw three men and asked them what they were doing in his house.

The squatters are said to have responded in a violent manner and assaulted him, with alarming photos emerging on social media today. 

According to sources one of the assailants hit him with a glass bottle over the head.

He also received blows to the body.

Pictures show him leaving the flat with multiple cuts and covered in blood. 

Malaga Hospital confirmed the victim had a fractured finger as well as cuts in the left kidney, the back and left side. 

“They almost killed him,” a neighbour told Spanish media.

After the attack, he went to a police station to file a complaint against the squatters for housebreaking and assault. 

However, the squatters also filed a complaint against him accusing him of the exact same thing. 

Meanwhile, anti-squatter organisation Desokupa announced they were going to take action to recover the property for the Englishman. 

“We are coming on Thursday and we are going to kick them out. Squatters, you’re going to shit yourselves,” Desokupa owner, Daniel Esteve, said on Sunday. 

However, it seems their intervention will not be necessary, as the three squatters are now outside the property. 

“We have achieved the arrest of the men who stabbed our client thanks to our lawyer. The apartment and the adjoining flat are now free of squatters as it was proved their rental contract was completely fake,” Esteve said with joy. 

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