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Woman angry with husband exits car to walk along Costa Blanca motorway in Spain

POLICE rescued a black-dressed woman walking on the hard-shoulder of an unlit Alicante Province motorway after an argument with her husband. The incident happened on...

Benidorm crime rate soars by over 50% on Spain’s Costa Blanca

REPORTED crimes in Alicante Province went up by 24.6% in the first half of 2022, compared to last year with Benidorm rising by over...

Leader of Madrid-based gang jailed for stealing catalytic converters across Spain

A criminal gang who stole catalytic converters across Spain has been brought down by the Guardia Civil after thefts in Alicante Province. Five Romanian nationals...

Child thieves lead wave of racing pigeon robberies in Costa Blanca area of Spain

SIX people, including two children, have been charged over a spate of racing pigeon robberies in the Alicante and Valencia areas. Stolen birds worth €50,000...

Bogus Microsoft-certified computer experts in Spain’s Alicante hijack woman’s computer to steal €9,000

AN Alicante Province scammer swindled a Galicia woman out of €9,000 after pretending to be a Microsoft-certified technician. He took control of the woman's computer,...

WATCH: The flour and the glory – massive food fight on Spain’s Costa Blanca takes the COVID worries away

IT was an opportunity to let off steam after the stress and depredations of the COVID pandemic - and the townsfolk of Ibi in...

Online sports gambler in Spain’s Alicante area lost €17,000 and lied about hackers stealing money from his bank account

AN online sports gambler lost nearly €17,000 but then tried to recoup his losses by lying about account hacking. His bank was going to refund...

Dutch expat dumps hot ash which causes a forest fire on the Costa Blanca in Spain

A 61-year-old Dutch expat is being investigated over a forest fire in the Tibi area last April. Two hectares of land were incinerated due to...

Earthquake shakes up an early morning surprise across an inland area of Alicante province in Spain

AN earthquake reaching 2.9 on the Richter scale briefly shook up an inland area of Alicante province this morning(June 18). It was the biggest tremor...

IBI UPDATE: Valencia City Hall revamps land register to raise income through property tax

IBI is the main source of tax income for the city, accounting for €220 million last year – 25% of the total amount raised by the council.

SHINE ON ME: Tax cuts announced for fitting solar panels on houses in Valencia city

In addition, property owners who fit the panels will also be able to apply for grants covering 95% of the so-called ‘Icio’ tax, payable upon installing solar power systems.

Squatters on Spain’s Costa Blanca took over TWO houses – one to live in, the other to store stolen...

A GANG of squatters stole so much loot in a series of burglaries they had to occupy a second home to use as a...

Residents in Costa Blanca urbanisation slam town hall for taking ‘millions of euros’ in IBI tax while ignoring ruined...

RESIDENTS of two Costa Blanca urbanisations have complained of paying out ‘millions of euros’ in property tax to their town hall while receiving ‘nothing...

Flood advice: How to claim on insurance following Costa del Sol deluge

Many affected people are now looking to make an insurance claim

New tidings we bring

… but law changes present scant joy for Spain’s homeowners in 2016

Chiclana expats up-in-arms after ‘overcharging’ for IBI property tax

IBI Real is demanding the town hall take action

Caveat vendor: Brief guide to selling your home in Spain, part 1

If you're planning on selling a property in Spain some time in the near future, here's a list of things you'll need

Food fight in Ibi

Villagers pelt each other with flour and eggs in annual festival




Spain slammed for being the European country with more dolphins in captivity 

Environmentalists have exposed Spain as the European country with the largest number of dolphins in captivity.  NGO World Animal Protection slams the Mediterranean country for...


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