A CRUISE boss in Galicia has warned that British travellers ‘will not dock in Spain’ if the UK is where it is now on COVID-19.

Luis Moral, CEO of cruising agents Rubine and Hijos in A Coruña, told La Opinion that the maritime industry has been decimated by the health crisis. 

The city, in the north of Spain, was expecting to receive 124 cruise ships this year. 

Luis Moral
LUIS MORAL: Says Brits need to improve their COVID-19 figures before docking in Spain this year

“So far only four have come,” said Moral, “The forecasts are managed by the companies, but we already know that until July 31, there will be no cruise ship docking in Spain. 

“They will come from August to December, but everything depends on how the pandemic evolves in Europe, and we must remember that 90% of passengers who come to A Coruña are British.

“If the UK is as it is now, they will not travel, and so no ship will come.”

His comments could raise fears that the UK could be left out of the reopening of Spain to international travellers from July 1, however there is no indication that this will happen. 

It comes after Cyprus said Brits could not travel there due to its ‘poor handling’ of the health crisis. 

It would be seen by many as a shot in the foot given that the overwhelming majority of Spain’s tourism industry relies on the British market.

Additionally, prime minister Pedro Sanchez has already told international tourists to begin planning their holidays from July, suggesting the country will be preparing for any nationality to enter. 

There is no official suggestion that Brits will not be allowed to enter Spain from July 1, with both governments reportedly already in tourism talks. 

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