THE Danish Government has urged its citizens not to travel to Spain this summer, fearing that the country will not be safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod advised Danes to avoid Spain until at least September and instead to go to Norway, Iceland or Germany for their summer holidays.

“The general trend around the world is to be cautious,” he said.

“If there is no second peak, we can reduce the restrictions, but first we want to keep the pandemic under control. 

“We cannot throw away what we have achieved, that’s why I strongly urge Danes to follow our instructions.”

This is not a prohibition as such, but it implies that the number of flights connecting the two countries will be severely reduced compared to other years.

In addition, Danes who travel to any countries that are not the three mentioned above will have to undergo a two week quarantine upon their return to Denmark.

Also, only tourists from those three countries will be allowed into Denmark this summer, but they cannot stay overnight in Copenhagen, in order to prevent a second outbreak from occurring in the country’s most populous city.

Health Minister, Magnus Heunicke said: “They can visit Copenhagen, take a walk and eat in a restaurant, but they must spend the night elsewhere.”

Last year Spain was the most popular destination for Danes, with 17% of tourists opting for the Iberian country, compared to 10% who chose Italy and 8% who picked Greece.


  1. You can visit Copenhagen,take a walk, cough,sneeze eat in a restaurant more coughing,sneezing and breathing but you can’t stay the night and have to be from one of the 3 countries mentioned. Wow if someone can explain the logic behind this it would be appreciated.

    Location : Canaries.
  2. This might help:
    1. To save the Danish restaurants etc.
    – 2 people has according to surveys died of Corona during the lockdown. Rest died wth corona. Average age 82 years old. The Danish media i questioning the whole shutdown and the ‘cooking’ of the numbers.
    2. Want the Danes to spend the money home now that the Danish State (5mill citizens) has a 177 billion kroner minus…..

    this has nothing to do with the Virus.

    Location : Torrox

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