FOR the first time in more than ten years, citizens will be able to travel between Mallorca and Formentera by direct ferry.

The new route, operated by Balearia, will allow passengers to move between the two Balearic islands in just three hours.

Launching on July 1, the company’s Ramon Llull vessel will complete the journey every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until September 20.

Departing from the Port of Palma at 5pm and the Port of La Sabina in Formentera at midday, travellers will be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters and natural wonders of both islands.

Previously, those wanting to travel to Formentera from Mallorca would have had to have taken a plane or boat to Ibiza, where they would then travel by boat to the Port of La Sabina.

Calo Des Mort 2732845_1920
PARADISE: Calo d’es Mort in Formentera

Revealing the news, Balearia President Adolfo Utor said the new route is ‘revolutionary for the Balearic Islands’ since it was removed from their program in 2010.

However, in recent weeks Utor explained that there had been a surge in requests from Mallorca residents wanting to travel to Formentera by sea.

This led to discussions being held between senior management about resuming the journey this summer.

Beach 2100369_1920
PICTURE PERFECT: Calo d’es Moro in Mallorca

The demand for inter-island travel can largely be understood by the change in consumer habits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent study conducted by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas (CIS), more than 65% of Spaniards said that they would not holiday abroad this summer.

A quarter of those who participated in the survey came to this decision over fears of contracting COVID-19 or not having the economic means to go on an international vacation.

However, 90% of those intending to travel said that they would holiday somewhere in Spain.

There is now a strong desire from those living in the Balearics to spend their holidays in the region.

Sea 1565636_1920
DREAMY: Formentera is renowned for its crystal clear waters

It comes as Balearia became the first shipping company in the world to receive an assurance certificate that it will remain COVID-19-free.

Now certified as a ‘Global Safe Site,’ Balearia was awarded the accolade for its impeccable regulations post-pandemic.

The new label assures that its fleet of 16 ships and two offices will be cleaned and disinfected regularly to lower the risk of contagion.

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