THE vast majority of Spaniards do not believe the coronavirus figures provided by the government, a new study has revealed.

According to a study conducted by El Mundo, 73% of voters don’t trust the figures provided by the Health Ministry about the number of infections and deaths nationwide.

Recently there have been numerous discrepancies between the daily and total numbers released by government officials.

That includes 13,000 deaths which are still unaccounted for.

Nearly three out of four people don’t trust the explanations provided for these discrepancies by the Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon and the Health Minister, Salvador Illa.

The majority of Spaniards instead believe figures released by the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) or the Sistema de Monitorizacion de la Mortalidad (MoMo).

In addition, 46% of the populace believe Sanchez’s government hasn’t done a good job at handling the pandemic, compared to only 37% that believes it has.

However, when looking at voters from the two coalition parties – PSOE and Podemos – the support figures drastically change.

72% of PSOE supporters back the government’s actions, along with 69% of Podemos voters.

Only half of these supporters however believe the COVID-19 figures provided by the government, with 52% of PSOE and 53% of Podemos voters.

PP voters on the other hand actively doubt the figures provided by the government, with only 6% trusting the official numbers, while that number is even lower with Vox, only 2%.

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