ALICANTE police detained a 41-year-old man over exposing himself to four young British children, after their father reported his lewd behaviour to authorities.

Agents had to taser the man who resisted arrest in a near-by street.

Police also had to zap his dog who tried to bite one of the officers.

The incident happened last Friday afternoon(July 11) on Avenida de Niza in the San Juan beach area, when the man exposed himself to the four girls aged between two and 11, when they were with their parents.

The father said he would complain to the police, but the man simply threatened to set his dog upon them and then fled the scene.

He was accompanied by a woman but an Alicante Policia Local patrol soon tracked them down to Avenida de Benidorm.

The couple tried to run away after they were stopped for questioning, with the dog lunging dangerously at one of the police agents.

The animal was tasered, which was the same fate for the man, who violently resisted arrest before being brought to heel.

The 41-year old, of undeclared nationality, was charged with indecent exposure and attacking a police officer.

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