THE municipal market of Velez-Malaga has come under fire from local groups and stall-holder associations after two shoppers needed medical treatment for collapsing from the heat.

As much of Andalucia sweats in record temperatures, many businesses are desperately attempting to regain traction in the ‘new normal’

Municipal markets have been one of the worst hit, and since the State of Alarm ended, many store holders were keen to get back up and running.

However workers and shoppers in the Mercado Muncipal in Velez Malaga have been faced with searing temperatures whilst trying to recoup their losses.

Trade unions have appealed to the town council of Velez for new air conditioning units to be fitted.

An application was made to the board back in June, however the request has been ignored so far, causing local associations to vent their frustrations.

Matters reached boiling point when in the past week, two shoppers collapsed due to temperatures reaching over 40C inside, with both requiring medical assistance.

Jose Pino, spokesman for Andalucia por Si, has expressed his frustration on behalf of the workers.

“We cannot allow these people to work under these conditions,” he said.

He used the recent renovation works carried out at the nearby El Ingenio shopping centre as an example of how Velez mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer prioritises funds, favouring large enterprises rather than local trade.

“We will always be on the side of local workers and we will keep pushing the local government for action on this very serious matter,” concluded Pino.

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