OVER-65s in the Spanish region of Andalucia are from today (June 22) eligible for free anti-coronavirus masks.

Some 7.5 million masks have been stockpiled and will be given away from pharmacies.

To be eligible for the free masks people have to either be aged 65 or over, a state registered pensioner if younger, or considered ‘vulnerable’ to the virus.

Farmacia Sign
HANDED OUT: Free masks are available from chemists

Those eligible will be given three masks per person, and have to present a valid tarjeta sanitaria (social security health card) on collection.

In order to avoid crowds and people queuing at the pharmacies, the Ministry of Health and Families has set specific days for the different age groups to come and collect their free masks:

Wednesday July 22: 80 and over

Thursday July 23: 70 and over

Friday July 24: 65 and over

Saturday July 25: Pensioners under the age of 65

From Monday July 27 onward: All those who were not able to collect on their designated day.

The scheme was launched after the new regulations, put in place from July 15, stated everyone must wear a masks as soon as they leave their house, throughout Andalucia.

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