SPAIN is developing a new speed camera which will be able to spot speeding drivers from a kilometre away. 

The country’s transport body, the DGT, has revealed details of the new super camera, dubbed the Trucam II. 

While it is still in the testing period, it uses LiDAR technology and has already proved it is capable of capturing a license plate and issuing a fine from up to a kilometre away from the offender. 

But it will not just be able to catch people speeding, it can also capture you not wearing a seatbelt or if you are using your mobile phone or any other device while driving. 

At the moment its margin of error is extremely low, at 2km/hr. 

It is able to capture offending vehicles by snapping a photo every 0.3 seconds and sending the images in real time to the head office. 

It is not yet known when the cameras will be rolled out.

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