A WOMAN who witnessed a man performing a sex act next to a girl on a Torrevieja-bound bus has slammed his lewd behaviour on social media.

Eyewitness “Patricia I de Murcia” posted an account of what happened where she asked: “Why do we have to put up with things like this?”

The incident happened on a bus with just nine passengers on it, as the pervert shuffled from one to seat to another before ending up next to the girl.

He then performed the crude act as she nervously rushed forward to tell the driver what was going on.

Patricia explained: “The driver stopped the bus and went to the back to speak to the offender, as one of the passengers told him that he had to get off immediately.”

“He refused to budge and said that he was sleeping, while the driver called the police.”

The man stayed on the bus for the rest of the journey to Torrevieja and authorities said that he was denounced this week over his behaviour(July 28).

Bus Stop Wanker 1
Bus Stop Wanker 2

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