A BRITISH man has been arrested after exposing himself to young girls and trying to speed off on his motorbike while completely naked. 

The suspect, in his 40s, was sunbathing naked on Santa Ana beach in Benalmadena when he began approaching several other beachgoers. 

He then noticed three girls between the ages of 10 and 13 and began talking to them while exposing himself. 

The girls’ grandmother approached the Brit and told him to leave but he responded by shoving the pensioner to the ground, giving her a knee injury. 

The man was reportedly clearly intoxicated and had no clothing or documentation on him. 

Several calls were made to 091 to report a man ‘exhibiting himself’ in front of girls ‘in the middle of the beach.’ 

Policia Nacional soon arrived to the scene, at which point the Briton tried to flee on a motorcycle, which he mounted while stark naked. 

According to police, he initially refused to ID himself before he was arrested. 

He is being charged with exhibitionism, resisting arrest and for causing injury to the grandmother.

It comes after a couple were arrested on a Malaga beach in July for performing sex acts in front of beachgoers, including children.


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