SPANISH weather agency AEMET has announced that it does not rule out a second heatwave in the coming days.

The warning comes following a sweltering weekend which saw Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical hit with record temperatures.

Velez-Malaga reached 45.7C degrees this Sunday, the highest temperature since records began and the highest temperature in all of Spain so far this summer.


AEMET spokesman, Ruben del Campo, said: “The thermometers will probably remain at very high values next weekend and we do not rule out the possibility that the thresholds of intensity, extension and duration of the high temperatures exceed those of a heatwave.”

If confirmed, AEMET will officially announce the imminent second heatwave in the coming days.

After a weekend of sizzling temperatures, where the nights have also been particularly hot, especially in Andalucia, the thermometers have slightly cooled at the start of this week.

The somewhat cooler atmosphere will continue today, Tuesday, although the thermometers will start to rise again in the west.

From Wednesday onwards, the thermal rise will move around the whole peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The temperature increase will be very noticeable in the north of Spain, which will see a jump of up to eight degrees with respect to the previous day.

According to the AEMET spokesperson, as of Thursday, ‘we can talk about a new warm episode that will leave temperatures between five and 10 degrees above average in most of Spain.’

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