AS the number of COVID-19 cases continue to climb across the country, many are fearful that Spain could be heading towards another state of alarm.

However that is not the view of Fernando Simon, who repeatedly insisted in a press conference today that the situation is not yet critical.

While he acknowledged that there is still a threat of a second wave, the director of health emergencies said 60% of the new cases are from asymptomatic carriers and the mortality rate is extremely low.

Nevertheless, there are more than 500 active outbreaks throughout the territory.

Simon said each one is being monitored closely and with the utmost concern and attention.

“We are not in a critical situation,” said Simon.

However when pressed on the potential return of a nationwide lockdown, the expert did not rule it out completely.

“It (lockdown) has not been taken off the table,” he told reporters, “But right now it is not imminent.”

He went on to say that any future confinement of the population would likely be different to the one seen in spring.

“The state of alarm does not have to be the same as that experienced two months ago, the conditions do not have to be the same,” he said.

Without giving specific details on how it would be different, Simon said it would be more basic.

He also added: “There would have to be an uncontrolled degree of community transmission (for another lockdown).

“It would not have to be across the entire country but a large enough area to cause significant concern.

“Additionally, the measures implemented by the autonomous regions would have to be deemed insufficient, with the national government stepping in being seen as a necessity.”

He insisted that currently a state of alarm is not necessary but that the ministry of health is evaluating the situation of every region on a daily basis.

Aragon, Madrid and Catalunya continue to be the most affected communities, registering several hundred cases each day.

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