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‘HASTY’ VERDICT from Spain’s Murcia region over Pedro Sanchez decision to end State of Alarm on May 9

MURCIA'S president, Fernando Lopez Miras, has branded as 'hasty' yesterday's announcement by Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, that he plans to end the State...

CURFEWS AND CLOSURES: How the end of Spain’s State of Alarm will change COVID-19 rules

SPAIN'S second State of Alarm is set to finish on May 9 if Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has his way. The measure was introduced on...

MUST READ: Pedro Sanchez does not plan to extend Spain’s State of Alarm and predicts 25 million people to...

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has told reporters today(April 6) that he has no plans to ask Congress to extend the country's second State...

Spain’s Health Minister hints at ‘all options’ to reduce COVID-19 cases as State of Alarm extension isn’t totally ruled...

THE Spanish government has not yet fully closed the door on extending the current State of Alarm that is scheduled to finish on May...

Catalunya judge orders insurance pay-out over enforced restaurant closure during Spain’s first State of Alarm

A court in Spain's Catalunya region has ordered an insurance company to pay €6,000 in compensation to a restaurant forced to close during the...

Junta will not restrict entry of visitors to Spain’s Andalucia

Junta Vice-President , Juan Marin, has said the possibility of restricting entry to Andalucia on forthcoming public holidays ‘is not being considered’, and ‘the important thing is to maintain normality’.

People in Spain must be at home between 11pm and 6am and curfew could last for SIX MONTHS in...

ALL of Spain is to be put under an 11pm to 6 am curfew for the next six months, the government has announced. An extraordinary...

What is a state of alarm in Spain and how does it work?

THE Government of Spain is preparing to declare a state of alarm tomorrow in an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers. It comes...

Is Spain heading towards another COVID-19 state of alarm?

There are more than 500 active outbreaks throughout the country

Estepona City Council distributed more than 150 tonnes of food to vulnerable families during state of alarm

ESTEPONA City Council has distributed more than 150 tonnes of food to vulnerable families during the state of alarm.

Nearly 9,000 people arrested in Spain for gender violence crimes during state of alarm

NEARLY 9,000 people in Spain have been arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

Spain’s state of alarm ends with over 28,000 COVID-19 deaths and almost 250,000 infected

Andalucia had seen 1,417 detainees and 194,055 sanctions during lockdown

Spain’s Catalunya will lift state of alarm and enter ‘new normal’ tomorrow

CATALUNYA has announced that it will lift the state of alarm at midnight tonight and enter the ‘new normal’.

Police discover ’nightclub’ flat in Madrid with four women and two naked men

People in the house had been partying for several days with music at full volume

COVID-19: Guidelines to follow in Spain during coronavirus State of Alarm

People who do not respect the State of Alarm face fines of up to 600,000 euros and even prison sentences.