NEARLY 9,000 people in Spain have been arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

Specifically, the Policia Nacional has made 8,790 arrests during the period from March 16 until June 21.

During the state of alarm the police have processed 8,412 complaints, contacting victims more than 245,000 times and conducting 70,000 investigations.

A Policia Nacional spokesperson told El Mundo: “The state of alarm has been a period where the police force has paid special attention to the most vulnerable groups.”

This comes as more than 4,000 people were also arrested for breaking lockdown rules.

With 1,028 arrests, Madrid has been the region where the police have had to intervene the most, followed by Andalucia with 715.

The provinces with the most arrests nationwide have been Alicante with 389, Valencia with 238 and Cadiz with 231.

In addition, 287,000 fines have been issued, with the highest number being in Andalucia with 68,267, followed by Madrid with 56,512 and Valencia with 49,915.

146 people have also been arrested at Spanish borders, while 63,000 have been denied entry into the country.

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