ANDALUCIA plans to gradually de-escalate the COVID-19 restrictions currently in force.

With the six-month emergency decree, which provided a legal framework for a nationwide 11 p.m. curfew and other measures that limit fundamental civil liberties, coming to an end this Sunday in Spain, it’s down to each region to determine the post state of alarm restrictions.

The strategy being finalised by the Junta rules out curfew but will maintain perimeter closures of municipalities under judicial authorisation.

Additionally, there will be a gradual opening of commercial activity in two phases.

Andalucia’s gradual de-escalation plan was outlined by Junta chief, Juanma Moreno, this Wednesday following a presentation of new equipment for INFOCA (Prevention and Extinction of Forest Fires of Andalucia).

According to Moreno, the curfew will lapse with the state of alarm and will only be implemented if there is a resurgence and Andalucia is considered a ‘risk zone’.

“Right now the incidence is falling, and I see no reason to maintain a curfew,” Moreno said

With regard to commercial activity, a progressive opening-up of commercial freedom is being studied, and will remain in place until 50-60% of the Andalucian population has been vaccinated.

In the case of municipalities which exceed 500 or 1000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, the Junta will request judicial authorisation for their perimeter closure in an attempt to contain the spread.

Finally, in reference to those citizens who have been immunised, Moreno said that “vaccinated citizens deserve more freedom.”

According to the PP leader, these citizens will be issued a certificate which will permit them to develop ‘a much fuller social and economic life’, as it will allow them to attend large sporting and cultural events, for example.


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