SPAIN’S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has told reporters today(April 6) that he has no plans to ask Congress to extend the country’s second State of Alarm beyond its scheduled ending of May 9.

Sanchez also detailed the country’s vaccination schedule with 70% coverage to be achieved by late August.

The current State of Alarm was introduced to give the country’s 17 regions legal support for introducing local curfews and border closures to slow down COVID-19 infections.

Pedro Sanchez said; “We want for May 9 to be a full stop and we are working towards that. We have no plans to extend the State of Alarm any longer.”

Sanchez was bullish over the vaccine roll-out programme with a large rise of doses expected to be delivered over the coming weeks and months.

Ever since December, the Prime Minister has stuck to his guns that 70% of the population would be inoculated by the late summer.

Today he backed up his confidence with news of Spain’s vaccination timetable.

“We will be getting 3.5 times more doses in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the first three months of the year,” he stated.

That adds up to 38 million doses, rising to 48 million between August and September.

“10 million people will have got two injections by the first week of June rising to 15 million by the end of that month, and 25 million fully immunised by July 19,” explained Sanchez.

“We will have reached 33 million by the end of August which is 70% of the country,” he concluded.

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