THE Olivia Valere nightclub has closed its doors after staff members tested positive for COVID-19. 

The closure on Monday night came a week after it announced that 100% of its workers had undergone a PCR test and that all had come back negative. 

However out of the 80 or so tested, some began to feel ill a few days after the test and were showing symptoms for coronavirus.

One of the workers denounced the club and Policia Local then contacted the company to ensure that protocol was being followed in the event of positive cases being discovered. 

Last Wednesday (July 29), the Epidemiology Unit of the Costa del Sol Primary Cary District asked Olivia Valere for the information of all workers who worked on site as it believed a possible case had been detected. 

“For security measures and for the well-being of our customers we have decided to close,” the nightclub said on its Facebook page this week. 

The venue will be disinfected and cleaned and is scheduled to reopen on Thursday. 

It is not known how many staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 but they will all be self-isolating at home, according to protocol. 

The management of the club said that Olivia Valere, the owner of the same name, is very affected by the situation but added: “Although this is happening in many other businesses, the club is always the one to appear in the media.”

It comes after the club had to be shut down in mid-July when it broke COVID-19 capacity limits. 

Some 150 extra people had entered the club to see the Algerian artist Soolking perform. 

Valere said that the 150 people were ‘youths’ who managed to ‘slip in’ through emergency exits. 

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