THE National Geographic Institute has reported this Tuesday an earthquake registered in Otura (Granada) at 2.49am.

This is the second quake to rock Granada in three months and comes after another earthquake was registered in Fuengirola in April and another in Arriate at the end of March.

Locals felt the rumble which registered 2.5 on the Richter scale, though no emergency calls were made.

Registrado Un Terremoto De Magnitud 25 En Otura
QUAKE: Yesterday’s epicentre was registered in Otura (Granada).

The Junta said no personal or material damage has been reported.

The previous earthquake in Granada was in the tiny town of Iznalloz, 35 kilometres north of the provincial capital, and registered 2.9 on the Richter scale.

According to reports by Europa Press, an earthquake of magnitude 2.6 was also recorded yesterday in the Alboran Sea, specifically in its southern area, making it the second in just 14 days to be registered in that area.

This second quake in waters between Spain and North Morocco is believed to be caused by a new fault line which Andalucian scientists warn could cause killer quakes in Spain in the future.

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