By Shay Conaghan

POLICE arrested five people and seized over a kilo of cocaine worth €75,000 when they busted a drugs deal on a petrol station forecourt.

Police say that the perpetrators used two vehicles in the exchange which involved 1.23kg of cocaine as well as €4,700.

2020 08 10 Algeciras Estepona Coca Na 1
Cash and phones were seized

The deal went down in the parking lot of a petrol station in Estepona, where the criminals maintained a telephone conversation from their vehicles, according to the authorities.

A few minutes later, one of the passengers got out of the car, entered the station and got in the second vehicle afterwards.

The suspects then left the scene, taking extremely cautious measures to not cause suspicions, which only prompted the police to pursue them. Further on, the criminals slowed right down as they approached a Guardia Civil convoy and tried to avoid being seen, which is when the police finally decided to arrest them.

The detainees were handed into the custody of an Estepona court, where they were charged with alleged drug trafficking. Two of the dealers were remanded in custody.


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