THE Spanish government has addressed the fake news of a second lockdown in September in a press conference tonight. 

Fernando Simon, director of health emergencies made it clear that no such plan has existed.

It comes after the Olive Press insisted Moncloa release a statement after the Euro Weekly News claimed a second confinement was planned for September 18. 

“I have no information of a second lockdown and the idea has not been mentioned,” the director of health emergencies told press tonight.

“They have printed a hoax.”

The false article in the Euro Weekly News was picked up and re-published by newspapers in the UK and Spain, including popular El Correo

Simon added that the rest of August is crucial in ensuring the spread of the virus does not spiral out of control.

“The priority is to control the transmission, to reach September with the lowest possible level,” the expert said.

“But we have to make an extra effort now.”

The Government believes the autonomous regions are doing a ‘great job’ in controlling their outbreaks.

Simon cited Aragon and Catalunya as prime examples of how to carry out detection protocols, which he said should be copied by other regions.

He added that while there are thousands of cases being added to the total, the figures can be ‘misleading’ as while there are many new cases, a large number are from people who have already had the virus or who are asymptomatic.

The health chief added that with an exerted effort, the situation in September could actually improve, but the public must continue to be vigilant.

“If a select amount of classrooms or schools need to closed, it will have to be done,” he said, “But we have to learn to live with the virus whether we like it or not.”


  1. Nobody in Spain trusts a british pasquinade like euro weekly whatever.
    If you want to know something about Spain, you should read a SPANISH NEWSPAPER in its original language, that is CASTELLANO, but you have to learn it first.
    British newspapers in general are a bullshite.

    Location : Marbella
  2. Poor Pablo. He doesn’t know that Google will show El Mundo etc. on-line and instantly translate it from primitive Spanish to a much more elegant English. Thus revealing journalism in Spain is generally as crap as anything found in The Daily Mail, Express, Telegraph, Times or Sun.
    Spain has nothing to equal The Guardian, Morning Star or, indeed, The Olive Press. Which, incidentally and graciously, allows him to vent his spleen and air his xenophobia about Brits.

    Location : malaga

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