THE Andalucian Deputy President, Juan Marin has sent a stern reminder to parents that the return to school in September is mandatory for children between the ages of six to 16.

In an interview with Spanish media outlet Ser, the vice president made his point clear that parents only have the right to refuse to return their children to school for anyone under the age of six years old.

“Under six, education is not compulsory, therefore it is logical and reasonable to give parents the choice as to whether to return them to school or not.” Marin told Ser.

Marin continued to say that children between six and 16 ARE at a compulsory education age, therefore anyone missing classes will be classed as truancy and parents must ‘face the consequences.’

According to Penal Code article 226, any parents that refuse to take their children to school could face fines or even three to six months in prison.

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WARNING: Juan Marin has issued a warning to parents

Many parents are worried however that pushing their children back into education is putting them at high risk of contagion of COVID-19.

Marin explained that the Junta de Andalucia will attend a meeting tomorrow with the Ministry of Education to discuss a plan to ensure that every school in the province will be ready to accept children.

Schools in Andalucia are scheduled to open on September 1 for nurseries, September 10 for junior schools and September 15 for Institutes.

For a complete guide for parents with children returning to school in September, check out our complete guide of what to expect here.


  1. We already know that youngsters are in little danger of succumbing severely to covid 19. BUT because they often remain asymptomatic, it will be very dangerous to those at home who they return to. Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles etc. Kids are largely unafraid of covid, they swarm together in groups even now. At school, the virus will sweep through, leaving them mostly unaffected but becoming super-spreaders to older victims.
    Modern technology should be utilised. Schooling could and should go online. If kids and their carers want an education, they will get stuck in. There will always be those who don’t care and will fail, just as the case was before. Many children leave school illiterate and innumerate, being in a classroom or sat in front of a laptop won’t alter that.
    The real truth is economic. School is actually a child-minder for working parents. Don’t let’s pretend the concern is for children, it’s all about filthy lucre. As always.

    Location : malaga

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