BARCELONA legend Lionel Messi has requested to leave La Liga giants Barcelona with immediate effect.

A spokesman from the club confirmed the news that the management had received a letter from the star requesting a transfer, for free, this summer.

According to Spanish sources, a feeling of staleness and boredom has engulfed the club, and Messi is struggling to work under such a stagnant atmosphere.

The breakup will not be easy however, as the Argentine still has one year left on his contract after an extension was made back in July 2017.

The extension, worth a staggering €565,000 per week, will officially end in July 2021.

The striker is hoping to take advantage of a clause in his contract that will allow his departure, however the club maintains that this clause ended on June 10.

This will mean that in order to break the contract, Messi will have to fork out €700 million.

Many of the club’s directors are also in favour of Messi leaving despite his performances, as he costs the club €100 million per year.

The La Liga runners up are coming off the back of a humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League, a debacle that has surely accelerated the Argentinians decision.

Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s refusal to resign after the loss is apparently the final nail in the coffin for Messi’s career at Barcelona, the Argentine reportedly unable to continue under such a ‘comedy’. 

Lionel Messi joined Barcelona at the age of 13 and has played for the team ever since, picking up 10 league titles, six Ballon d’Or trophies and scored an incredible 634 goals.   

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