A 14-YEAR-old boy has had his neck knelt on by police for not wearing a mask correctly.

In a viral video, two officers can be seen arresting the teenager in Burgos, with one of them kneeling on his neck.

The boy had been walking his mother in Miranda de Ebro when police noticed he was wearing the personal protective gear incorrectly.

They decided to write him up a fine which is when a struggle is reported to have ensued.

It ended with the boy on the floor and with one of the agents placing almost his entire body weight on his neck via his knee, reminiscent of the George Floyd arrest in the US which kick-started nationwide protests.

In the clip recorded by witnesses, you can hear the boy asking the officer not to push so hard.

Police allege the boy refused to follow their orders and tried to attack one of the officers.

The family denies the claims and has accused the police of using excessive force.

The mother, who was also arrested, has said they will be taking legal action.

She was cuffed for allegedly assaulting an officer and threatening one of them while trying to have her son released from handcuffs. She denies the charges.

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