SPAIN’s fiery heatwave of the past months will finally give way next week as a fresh DANA will bring wind, rain and dramatic temperature drops to most of western Andalucia.

AEMET, Spain’s meteorological agency has forecast the dramatic shift in weather thanks to an area of low pressure sweeping in from the Atlantic.

The DANA, an Isolated Depression at High Levels, will sweep across Spain, affecting western Andalucia as well as Galicia, Castilla y Leon and Extremadura.

It is expected to bring heavy rain showers, high winds to coastal areas and a drop in temperatures of up to 15 degrees.

Spokesman for AEMET, Ruben del Campo, explained that the cold front is expected to arrive on Wednesday and to pass through the area by the following weekend.

“It is definitely an anomaly for this time of year,” said del Campo.

Areas of Andalucia are expected to see temperatures drop from an average of 37 degrees to just 22-24 degrees.

Although del Campo has reiterated that AEMET is still unsure of the position and trajectory of the storms, it is expected to sweep from west to east, hitting the Balearic Islands by the end of the week.

Summer in Spain will continue however this weekend as a final swansong of 37-39 degree temperatures will hit most of inland Andalucia, with clear blue skies and intermittent clouds.

DANAs are common in Spain due to the positioning of the landmass in the Mediterranean, however they made the news last year as a severe storm front swept across eastern Andalucia.

Storms, flooding and landslides caused seven fatalities and millions of euros worth of damage to parts of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia.

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