A CUSTOMER was nipped by a poisonous scorpion that was in a plastic bag of online goods ordered from Chinese retailer Aliexpress.

The 25-year-old victim, named as Judith, got the shock of her life on Monday(September 22) as she was bitten on her hand at her Algemesi home in Valencia Province.

Her sister trapped the scorpion in a glass jar and Judith went to the Hospital de la Ribera in Alzira for treatment.

Fortunately she showed no adverse reaction to the painful bite.

Experts worked out what type of scorpion it was and prescribed Judith the appropriate medication.

Judith said: “I put my hand into the bag and felt a sharp prick on my hand, and then the scorpion crawled out.”

“I was in a hysterical state because the pain quickly went up my arm and I wasn’t sure what would happen next with this scorpion coming from China.”

Judith has filed a complaint with the Policia Nacional and said that the incident could have been more serious if somebody else had opened the packaging.

“What would have happened if an allergic person had been bitten by the scorpion? Proper safety measures have to be put into place,” Judith added.

She contacted Aliexpress, who acknowledged her complaint that there was a scorpion and that she felt discomfort after it bit her.

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