WATCH: Drug traffickers cuffed while smuggling hashish into Spain’s Puerto Banus on jet skis

Jet skis have become a go to method of moving drugs from the 'mother ship', which stores drugs from Morocco out at sea


A JET ski drug trafficking operation has been brought down on the Costa del Sol.

A gang of six were arrested last week after two jet skis carrying hashish were filmed by a police helicopter entering the harbour of Puerto Banus.

In footage shared by Policia Nacional, several ground agents can be seen running to where the two men had parked their jet skis before pinning the suspects against the wall and arresting them.

Further investigations led to a total of six arrests and the seizure of 440kg of hashish.

Police had been called to the area by witnesses who said they saw several people suspiciously coming and going from the port on jet skis.

At night police launched a helicopter and used thermal imaging cameras, which showed how the traffickers entered the port without their lights on.

All the men arrested were of French-Moroccan origin and between the ages of 20 and 35, police said.

Authorities seized three jet skis and €6,300 in cash.

Jet skis have become a go to method of moving drugs from the ‘mother ship’, which stores drugs from Morocco out at sea.

They can arrive to the coast and perform drop offs at high speeds and during the day can be camouflaged among other genuine jet ski riders.

They have become an essential transport method for traffickers since the Spanish government banned the RHIB boats.

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