From Egyptians and their hieroglyphics to the letter writing still held dear by your granny, humans have always wanted to stay connected. 

And while we might have moved on from the tablets of Ancient Greece to the tablets of Samsung and Huawei, we still love nothing more than sharing our experiences with our furthest and dearest. 

Technology has played a huge role in keeping us connected throughout the pandemic and Ronny Lambert, owner of One Fix, believes customers are looking for easy solutions to make sure any tech problems are solved quickly and efficiently. 

One Fix San Pedro

His company, manned by three specialist staff, are experts in mobile phone repairs, motherboards, computers, tablets and more.

What makes them different from every other repair shop is their personable touch and knowledge of tricky fixes like microelectronics and reballing. 

“We do everything,” he said. “And we do it well. When people come to One Fix they can expect a young, friendly team who can talk through the problems and offer you the highest quality of  professional service every time.”

Calle Cordoba 17, San Pedro Ancantara.

Tel: 951 665 965

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