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Mobile phones blare out emergency test alert in Costa Blanca area of Spain

MOBILE phone owners in parts of Alicante province got a Thursday surprise as the Valencian government tested out its emergency alert system. 27 municipalities in...

Travelling thieves steal dozens of phones during big event on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWO travelling thieves stole dozens of mobile phones from people enjoying last weekend's Alicante Carnival celebrations. The men, aged 20 and 35, kept a notebook...

Four men arrested for sexual assaults in San Fermines

POLICE in Pamplona revealed 4 men have been arrested for sex crimes in since the start of San Fermines, one of Spain’s biggest festivals. Two...

Men stabbed Valencia Metro passengers in Spain to steal mobile phones

TWO men have been arrested by the Guardia Civil for stealing mobile phones from passengers using Valencia's Metro trains. The duo, aged 27 and 31,...

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has mobile phone hacked by Pegasus spyware

A mobile phone owned by Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, was hacked twice in May 2021 according to the Spanish government. The unit was hit by...

Orange and MasMovil announce merger plans to create biggest mobile operator in Spain

ORANGE and MasMovil have formally announced their intention to merge their businesses in Spain. It would make them the largest mobile/telecoms operator in the country...

Britain’s ‘Most Wanted’ woman arrested while walking dog in upmarket area of Spain’s Catalunya

THE Guardia Civil have arrested a UK fugitive in Catalunya branded as Britain's 'Most Wanted' woman. Sarah Panitzke,47, was sentenced in her absence to eight...

Barcelona hackers hoodwink phone shops into issuing SIM cards used to clear out bank accounts in Spain

A Barcelona-based gang emptied out people's bank accounts by tricking phone shops to give them replacement phone SIM cards. Eight people have been arrested in...

BREAKING NEWS: Major failure for Movistar and Telefonica phone customers in Spain

THOUSANDS of Telefonica subscribers have been unable to use their phones since around 11.00 am on Wednesday. The outage has occurred in Movistar's 4G network,...

Young Madrid thieves made special journeys to rob elderly women on the streets of Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWO people from Madrid aged, 18 and 21, have been arrested in Alicante after travelling there just to violently rob elderly women in the...

Mobile phone dealer in €500,000 insurance fraud on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A mobile phone dealer made dozens of bogus claims to con an insurance company out of €500,000-worth of new 'high-end' phones. The fraudster has been...

Health staff try to contact non-mobile phone owners to arrange COVID-19 vaccinations in Costa Blanca area of Spain

HEALTH centres are chasing after 80,000 Valencian Community residents without mobile phone access and therefore have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Appointment dates have been...

Stay connected with One FIX – solutions to all your tech problems

From Egyptians and their hieroglyphics to the letter writing still held dear by your granny, humans have always wanted to stay connected.  And while we...

Roaming charges expected to sky-rocket after Brexit

The feared hikes could see Brits pay up to €50 to stream a single song on their phone

Spanish mobile phone subscriptions increase

Cheap operators increase market share as more sign up for their services

Education more important than data protection, judge rules

Judge rules in favour of teacher who looked at a student's phone following a complaint he had shown explicit videos to a female pupil

UK set to follow Spain’s ‘no phones in schools’ policy

Mobile phones are set to be completely banned in UK schools





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