A BOY, 14, who attacked his mother after she refused to buy him a mobile phone has been arrested by the Elche Policia Local.

The youngster also turned his aggression on his grandmother and broke a television set as he would not take ‘no’ for an answer.

A police patrol was passing by a house when they heard loud screaming and noise coming from the property.

Officers decided to investigate further and rang the front door bell.

They were greeted by a distressed woman in tears.

She said that her son became very aggressive because she would not buy him a mobile phone.

The teen’s tantrum saw him kick his mother and push her, as she revealed his outbursts were common.

The boy also lashed out at his grandmother and then smashed a television screen.

The minor was arrested and carted off to the police station with the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office receiving a report over the incident, and they will decide whether to take the matter further.

Health experts say that more and more families are seeking advice from psychologists at medical centres over children being ‘addicted’ to mobile phones, with teenagers especially not knowing ‘how to live without them’.


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